Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Popcorn for my sweet daughter!

One day about 10 months ago
I thought of my daughter's next birthday cake.
And here it is.

She loves popcorn and I knew this was the
perfect cake for her. 

The cake had a few issues along the way
but I did the best I could.
I used red food coloring and a small
paint brush to decorate this cake.

Originally, I was going to make the popcorn out
of white chocolate but time was not on my side this week
and so I decided to top it with carmel popcorn.

My family was here for the celebration and
lots of fun memories were made with cousins.


After this picture my daughter said lets do
a crazy picture...
...I think we just did!

And for those of you who guessed "cotton candy"
for the cupcakes - that was what I was thinking too.

A homemade card from Lacee...
...and yummy food.

Time to cut the cake...
The surprise inside was so cool
(at least I thought it was)
and so when I cut the cake and
Kortnee and her cousins saw the inside
their response was priceless to me.

A busy weekend and lots of fun
but sometimes....

Sweet dreams ~ my sweet nephew!

...You just need a nap!

Happy 10th Birthday
to our precious daughter!
We love you and we love
seeing you grow in so many ways.

You are loved!
So much!


  1. You did a great job! And the inside is so pretty too!

  2. How cute...I would have LOVED a cake like that when I turned 10! And I could definitely see the cotton candy in those cupcakes! :)

  3. Very cute cake, and my opinion is the caramel popcorn is the perfect thing since it is after all a popcorn cake. Better to have the real thing sometimes. Cute, cute colors you used for the inside too. Happy belated birthday to your daughter.


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