Wednesday, December 5, 2012

70 years

70 years of marriage!
A huge accomplishment in today's world.
But we are meant to grow old together,
to fall in love all over again,
day after day,
through tears and pain,
laughter and joy.
Yes, till death do us part.
It takes commitment and is not for the
weak at heart.  Its hard work, but worth it.
And so,
I had the privilege of
celebrating with my
grandparents, 70 years.
And of course,
making a cake!
My grandpa has had a favorite
kind of cake for as long as
I can remember.
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing!
And my grandma's favorite flower is
and so this cake was
made just for them.

Happy 70th Anniversary,
Grandma and Grandpa!!

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