Thursday, January 24, 2013

My little man and His cousin!


Really? Can it be that long ago
since we welcomed our son into 
this world?

When our children were little,
other moms would tell me how they grow up so fast.

Some days I just couldn't imagine that the toddler
years would ever pass, but here we are
and he is turning into quite a charming young man.

He's  all boy and loves life (school - not as much)
He loves to be out exploring.

Going along to the farm is great fun for him
but his sensitive side wonders if I feel left out
because if having to choose between
going to the farm with Dad or staying home
with Mom and the girls,
Dad and the farm always wins.

But no, I don't feel left out,
a son and his loving dad is
a picture of beauty to me, it
melts my heart.

As we celebrate another year of life,
we count it a blessing to
be the parents of our sweet son!

 Because his cousin has a birthday
 the day before we celebrated
together and with two Phillies hats!

 The disadvantages of parties
 in the night, is the quality of the pictures. 
But the memories are there even
if the pictures are a little fuzzy!

Hats off to the birthday boys! 
 We love you both!
Have your cake and wear it too!

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