Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coffee break...

Here it is,
one week before we
move our family to another country
for a year!

If you were joining me for coffee
I would tell you that the packing is in
full swing and
fun family outings are
thrown in the mix and all
last minute things are being taken
care of, and there are even some teary
goodbyes happening.

We continue to be amazed at Gods
provision for our needs as we follow
His call.  He keeps the little miracles coming
and when I doubt or am struggling to get it
all accomplished, He reminds me ever so gently
that He is still in control and He is ever

I will share a little miracle that happen.
As I was gathering school supplies to take
along for our year in school, I needed
some notebooks and so off to Walmart I went
and they were all sold out.  I was a little annoyed
because it is just the start of school shopping and
they are out of notebooks already.
Well my family was helping at our church that
night and guess what they came home with?
Yup, notebooks!  Given to them by a special friend.
So was it coincidence that Walmart was sold out?
NO, I don't think so!
That is just one example of
how God cares for his family.  The list is

Blesssings to each of you,
I am off to a day filled with packing
suitcase and boxes.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coffee break...

Hello Friends,

Today is virtual coffee with Amy and so I'm adding
virtual coffee to the list of coffee breaks today.

My day started out with
breakfast and coffee with my mom
at a local coffee shop.

Although it was HOT we ate out on the patio,
'cause well
we liked the atmosphere.

Then we walked around the quaint little
town of Lititz and visited
a couple shops.

Then around 1:00 I met
Robin for another
cup of caffeine
and chatting.

(I would insert picture here
but I forgot about my camera)

 It was another cute little coffee shop.
So many coffee shops,
so little time!

And now I am drinking
a cup of decaf before I
retire for the day.

Just so happens that I have been featured on
another blog.
I think its kinda exciting!
Check it out here 

Monday, July 11, 2011


Watermelons are a favorite part of
summer. Juice dripping,
down your arm
and off your elbow.

Sticky, yummy and so refreshing.

But then there is another kind of
watermelon that is my favorite.

It comes in the form of a cookie!
A yummy sugar cookie with a
glass of cold milk sounds refreshing to me!

Go enjoy a slice of watermelon!

Sample a bit of summertime
just the way you like it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


We are so thankful for the rain!

The corn and the farmer are happy!

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coffee break...

If we were sitting down for coffee today
I would tell you I am really
looking forward to a good cup of
Costa Rican coffee.
The wait is getting shorter and shorter.

In less than 1 month I will call
Costa Rica, home.
Am I excited?  You better believe it!
Is there a lot to do until we board that
early morning flight on August 2nd?

If you were enjoying a cup of coffee with me
I would ask how your holiday weekend was
and tell you that our weekend was great
but not completely packed and crazy.

I really didn't think I would be seeing any
fireworks on the 4th but
my Mr. Sweet got off work
earlier than expected and we
headed out to the local park for
the fireworks display.  It was so fun
just our little family of five.

July 4th to me marks the middle of
summer and time keeps moving
along at a fast speed.
So today I am trying my best
to live in the moment.

One day at a time,
sweet Jesus, give me the strength,
to live, one day at a time.

My lovely daughters...

...and the men in my life,
make each day a new adventure.

Thanks for stopping by
for a coffee break,
enjoy life
one adventure at a time.

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Thankfully, our family has no food allergies
and I am blessed to have a
healthy family.

But when we were having a
party and one of the guest was
lactose intolerant,
I wanted to make a special
treat just for her.

JELLO was the perfect thing,
refreshing, bright and so easy!

One color at a time,
let it set and then add the next.

It really didn't take that long,
if you did a load of laundry,
pulled some weeds,
cleaned and ate lunch in between.

Simple ~ Fun ~ Tasty

This turned out to be
a blessing, because
a couple days later I
was sick and was on a
liquid diet for 24 hours.
So I had a few of these cool jello treats.

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Monday, July 4, 2011


Eighteen years ago today
I was all excited for my
first date with a certain young man.

It was a double date and there were
butterflies and fireworks.
There also happen
to be a heat wave and a traffic jam.
And no air conditioner. 
The good old days?  I think so!

It was a night of crazy fun and
memories to last a lifetime. 
Carefree and fun-loving,
a nervous giggle and a sweet smile.

Today that young man is still the
love of my life. 
Still young?
Yes, he always will be young at heart!
He loves to laugh
and his heart cares deeply for
his family.

So today as we celebrate
America's Independence
we honor all the brave men and women
who have fought for and protected our freedom.
Thank you for your bravery!

I love you, WILLIE,
more than the whole wide world
and back again!

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Friday, July 1, 2011


As I lay awake, I listen
to the sounds of the night.
The windows are open,
a truck roars by,
the sound of the interstate, across the way,
sings to me as it does always on
summer nights.

And then I hear a bird.  Really?
Is it morning already?
I haven't even slept yet!
Its a mocking bird.
It is 1:00am, is he mocking me
for drinking a cup of coffee so late?

My mind wanders, trying to sketch in my
mind all these sounds
for soon, so very soon,
they will be only a memory.
What night sounds will there
be in the city?

So many changes,
but good changes.
I'm ready.

My daughters, they are growing up
and they are watching me.
Tonight they are on a new adventure
sleeping in their fort in the barn.
Are they sleeping?
Oh the adventure of their
young, innocent hearts.

I wonder if they know how
proud of them, I am?

Time to sleep,
but sleep won't come.
I'm pondering and thinking.

I need to let go of MY plan. (again)

My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power  is made perfect
in weakness.  II Cor. 12:9

Breathing in the night air,
I know the the God of the whole
universe is closer than the
next breath I take.

His plan is perfect.
In the verses following
Jeremiah 29:11
He promises that we will find
Him when we seek Him with all
our hearts.

Consider how the lilies grow,
they do not labor or spin,
Yet I tell you, not even Solomon
in all his splendor was
dressed like one of these.
Luke 12:27

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