Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coffee break...

Here it is,
one week before we
move our family to another country
for a year!

If you were joining me for coffee
I would tell you that the packing is in
full swing and
fun family outings are
thrown in the mix and all
last minute things are being taken
care of, and there are even some teary
goodbyes happening.

We continue to be amazed at Gods
provision for our needs as we follow
His call.  He keeps the little miracles coming
and when I doubt or am struggling to get it
all accomplished, He reminds me ever so gently
that He is still in control and He is ever

I will share a little miracle that happen.
As I was gathering school supplies to take
along for our year in school, I needed
some notebooks and so off to Walmart I went
and they were all sold out.  I was a little annoyed
because it is just the start of school shopping and
they are out of notebooks already.
Well my family was helping at our church that
night and guess what they came home with?
Yup, notebooks!  Given to them by a special friend.
So was it coincidence that Walmart was sold out?
NO, I don't think so!
That is just one example of
how God cares for his family.  The list is

Blesssings to each of you,
I am off to a day filled with packing
suitcase and boxes.

Enjoy your day and join me over at


  1. Exciting days ahead! Will be praying for you guys as the Lord lays you on my heart.

  2. wow! how exciting! good luck with your big move :)


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