Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coffee break...

Hello Friends,

Today is virtual coffee with Amy and so I'm adding
virtual coffee to the list of coffee breaks today.

My day started out with
breakfast and coffee with my mom
at a local coffee shop.

Although it was HOT we ate out on the patio,
'cause well
we liked the atmosphere.

Then we walked around the quaint little
town of Lititz and visited
a couple shops.

Then around 1:00 I met
Robin for another
cup of caffeine
and chatting.

(I would insert picture here
but I forgot about my camera)

 It was another cute little coffee shop.
So many coffee shops,
so little time!

And now I am drinking
a cup of decaf before I
retire for the day.

Just so happens that I have been featured on
another blog.
I think its kinda exciting!
Check it out here 


  1. Oh how envious I am that you were able to have coffee with your mom today! How fun!

  2. how fun!! i so wish i could meet my mum for coffee... *sigh* but i did remember her last tuesday... treasure your moments with your mama :)

  3. Mega ditto what Claire & Carrie said! To be able to sit down & share a cup of coffee with your Mom is a magical moment. I treasure the times my Mom & I enjoyed our tea together. She is no longer alive & I would give anything for another cup with her!


    p.s. That French toast looks delicious!!!

  4. I've heard good things about Tomato Pie. I need to check it out sometime. Lititz has to be one of my favorite little towns to walk around, I'm so jealous!

    And yay on the feature:)

  5. perfect way to start the day! fun!


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