Monday, July 4, 2011


Eighteen years ago today
I was all excited for my
first date with a certain young man.

It was a double date and there were
butterflies and fireworks.
There also happen
to be a heat wave and a traffic jam.
And no air conditioner. 
The good old days?  I think so!

It was a night of crazy fun and
memories to last a lifetime. 
Carefree and fun-loving,
a nervous giggle and a sweet smile.

Today that young man is still the
love of my life. 
Still young?
Yes, he always will be young at heart!
He loves to laugh
and his heart cares deeply for
his family.

So today as we celebrate
America's Independence
we honor all the brave men and women
who have fought for and protected our freedom.
Thank you for your bravery!

I love you, WILLIE,
more than the whole wide world
and back again!

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