Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go Hornets!

My daughter played for the
Hornets Softball team with her
sister last year and this year
was a new group of girls since some of
the older girls had moved up.

Well they had an amazing year.
Great coaches (her daddy of course was
her favorite coach) and lots of fun.
And ice cream after the games!

They only lost one game all year and
they won the tournament undefeated
on Monday night!

Sweet ~ right?  I think so and of
course a cake was in order for the
end-of-the-season party.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Summertime is sweet!

I love to create cakes.
Here is one for a bride-to-be
at her bridal shower.

It is a marble cake with fudge filling.
(one of my favorites)

The flowers are made of fondant.
Fun and sweet!

Happy Monday to you all,
Know that you are loved and the
creator of the universe is CRAZY about you.

Watch for His blessings and be intentional in loving those around you!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Because he cares...

...and loves with all his heart.

Call him
Dad ~or~
Coach ~or~
Friend ~or~
Provider ~or~
Because that is who he is and we are blessed
to have him in our lives.

So on Father's Day we celebrate you, dear Willie!

You are so loved ~ thank you for loving us!

Lauren ~ Kortnee ~ Cody

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee break...

A gorgeous day outside.  Blue skies,
a wonderful breeze and a vanilla bean latte!

If you were joining me for my afternoon cup of
caffeine I would tell you that summertime and warm temps
make my heart happy.  It also makes my life
a bit busy and with less than 2 months until we
move maybe a little stressed.

We are looking forward to moving.  I have one suitcase almost packed that
will be making the trip a few weeks early with a friend who is going to be
flying to CR next week.  For those of you who love a challenge, I have one for you;
try moving a family of five out of the country for a year and only taking what will fit in
your luggage and carry-ons.  I'm realizing just how much stuff I have
and how unnecessary some of it is.

With summer in full swing
I didn't need another full time job
making sure the kids did their jobs around
the house.
 So it was time for a family meeting and
we came up with a system that will hopefully work for us.
Week one was a success but we are into week 2 and it may
need a little tweaking.

The kids each have a jar and the goal is to fill
the jar with glass pebbles so they can earn a reward.

They get pebbles for each chore they complete. 
We made a list of chores and gave each a "pebble" value.
They choose what chore and when their jars are full
they have options.
$10.00 ~ a date with mom or dad(they still think its cool)~ or having a friend for a sleepover.

Cleaning out the dishwasher - 2 pebbles
Cleaning out the van - 5 pebbles
etc, etc.

Happy Tuesday you all, I'm
off to another ball game
and join me for virtual coffee here. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

It is what gets me thru the long winter;


When it is cold and blustery outside and I am
inside drinking another cup of coffee, I dream of summer
and picking strawberries. 
 And so the day I have waited for all winter finally arrived.

So the kids and I headed out
to pick our strawberries at the local
farm where they do all the work and
we just pick them.

It was a hot day and the temps were to reach 96 degrees
so we went "early" and then came home and
went swimming.
I would say a perfect way to spend a warm day.

And then Lauren made waffles for dinner
and of course they were topped with
fresh strawberries!

Have a fantastic day!

A new baby girl...

A fun baby shower cake.
Vanilla cake with strawberry filling and chocolate fondant!