Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee break...

A gorgeous day outside.  Blue skies,
a wonderful breeze and a vanilla bean latte!

If you were joining me for my afternoon cup of
caffeine I would tell you that summertime and warm temps
make my heart happy.  It also makes my life
a bit busy and with less than 2 months until we
move maybe a little stressed.

We are looking forward to moving.  I have one suitcase almost packed that
will be making the trip a few weeks early with a friend who is going to be
flying to CR next week.  For those of you who love a challenge, I have one for you;
try moving a family of five out of the country for a year and only taking what will fit in
your luggage and carry-ons.  I'm realizing just how much stuff I have
and how unnecessary some of it is.

With summer in full swing
I didn't need another full time job
making sure the kids did their jobs around
the house.
 So it was time for a family meeting and
we came up with a system that will hopefully work for us.
Week one was a success but we are into week 2 and it may
need a little tweaking.

The kids each have a jar and the goal is to fill
the jar with glass pebbles so they can earn a reward.

They get pebbles for each chore they complete. 
We made a list of chores and gave each a "pebble" value.
They choose what chore and when their jars are full
they have options.
$10.00 ~ a date with mom or dad(they still think its cool)~ or having a friend for a sleepover.

Cleaning out the dishwasher - 2 pebbles
Cleaning out the van - 5 pebbles
etc, etc.

Happy Tuesday you all, I'm
off to another ball game
and join me for virtual coffee here. 

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  1. i am trying to come up with soem type of chore list/system for my 6-year old, he is asking for chores now so i guess that means he is ready. thanks for coffee!


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