Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coffee break...

Its time to take a break and enjoy a
coffee before I am off to another
ballgame this evening.

If you sat down to join me for coffee,
what would you tell me?
Would you bring along some homemade
cinnamon rolls for me to taste?
I am a good taster and would let you know if they
are delicious or I might need a second one to
know for sure.

I would tell you that our family
is moving and
I will become a full-time student,
for the next year,
with my family at
a Spanish language school
in Costa Rica.

So many of my days are spent trying to figure out
what goes along and what
stays here in storage.

Figuring out the details and trusting
God to answer any questions we have.

I am so completely amazed at
His provisions already.
His timing is perfect.

I am totally loving the weather we
are having and even
though I am not outside as much as
I would like,
we have ballgames every evening this week,
and I enjoy the beautiful evenings,
and evenings always have great light for
taking pictures.

I'm excited for tomorrow!
Its D-day - that is short for dentist.
Excited may be a bit of a strong word but
I am ready to go.
My tooth is killing me and
Advil and I are becoming fast friends.

My cup of Panamanian coffee with its
cream burlee creamer is finished and so
good evening to you!

And join me over here for more coffee.



  1. Wow. what an adventure you have ahead. Good for you. Will you still blog? I'm sure. Can't wait to watch God's blessings unfold as you go forward with this move. Awesome!

  2. That would be a stressful trandition...i will continue to pray for you friend...and i would totally bring you cinnamon rolls...


  3. Sounds like life is going well in your pocket of the world. So good to hear! Hope the packing and sorting goes well. So much work isn't it? When we prepared for our move to Thailand we created an Excel spreadsheet where we tagged and itemized what was in each box and where we put/sent each box. Sounds uber anal but it actually wasn't much extra effort, but it saved so much time when 3, 4 days, weeks, months in we were looking for that one thing and couldn't remember what we did with it. :)


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