Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Moms and Moms-to-be,

Happy Mother's Day!!

Because it is mother's day I decided
to give you a glimpse into the
amazing talent and art of my Mom.

An appliqued wall hanging.

When it was time for a new bedspread,
me and Mom headed off to the fabric store and
picked out fabric for a new quilt for my daughters bedroom.

And in no time this is what she created!

Another wall hanging for a contest she entered.

Hand quilted.

The back - the stitching is amazing to me,
so uniform and detailed.

My Mom has an amazing gift of creativity and
even her food presentation is
a work of art.

When I ask her to bring the cranberry salad for
Thanksgiving, she brought in an
art form.

And the neat thing is -
She is passsing it on to the next generation.

Cody and Grandma - sewing!

As I was writing this I was looking for
a picture of my Mom and I
 to post here,
but couldn't find one.
So next time we are together it is time for
a photo shoot.
(are you "listening", Marilyn?)

Enjoy your day with your Mom
being a Mom.


  1. Happy mother's Day to you, too!
    Those quilts are gorgeous!!

  2. Your mom is very talented! I see where you get your creativity from! Happy Mother's Day to you and your beautiful mom!

  3. Listening! Saturday!

  4. Wow...your mom is one super creative lady! Just wonderful ♥ Happy Mother's day (a little belated) to you too!


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