Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bailee!

My niece is a teenager!

Yesterday she turned 13!

I still remember the phone call we got
announcing your birth.

We worked together that day,
your mom and I,
and a couple hours after work you were born.

Happy Birthday,
you are a sweet girl young lady!

Happy Monday,
And have fun being a teenager!

We love you,
Bailee Jade!


  1. we SO enjoyed the cake! It was perfect! Even after a week in the freezer. Bailee had two friends over nite, we had our small group at our house for lunch, then she went to Jr. youth, and we had another B-day party in the eve. It was a busy but fun day! This momma is still getting used to the sound of "mom of a teenager..." I remember so well too the day she was born! This world keeps spinnin faster!

  2. I saw this on Marilyn's status on facebook and it is amazing you do beautiful work!


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