Wednesday, April 6, 2011

totally FREE...

I ordered a FREE paint sample from

Well actually,
 my husband did, for me.
A gazillion colors to pick from
and this is what he picked.

Valspar 8 oz. Paint Sample - Top Banana
Top Banana is the name!

I did suggest yellow not because I
needed yellow for a project
but because it is cheery and bright
and I want summer to come to my house.

What I am going to paint with it, you ask?
Well I really don't know,
But I will find something that is begging for a
little sunshine. (Besides me.)
(any suggestions?)

It comes with a mini roller (and 1 extra)
and paint tray, the color card
and a $5.00 off coupon for a gallon of paint,
And a 7.2 oz. Sample of the paint.

Sometimes its the FREE stuff that makes my day brighter!

They are giving away 100 FREE samples like this for
100 days.  You just pick the color!
Go ahead treat yourself to a FREE paint sample!

Have a beautiful yellow day!


  1. Wow. Well that brightened my day! Such a fun color. Do you have a little stool or small chair that needs a face lift? I can totally see this color on something like that. Have a bright sunshiney day:)

  2. =) I just ordered mine! Mountain botanical~a leafy shade of green...not sure what i'm gonna do w/it yet either...


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