Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A special occasion...

I was saving it for a special occasion.
My last bag of coffee from Costa Rica,
but not any more.

Today is a special occasion!

I am healthy,
I am alive,
I am free to be me,
I am a daughter of the most high God,
the creator of the Universe.

Today IS a special occasion,
today is a GIFT.

I am blessed and I am having a cup of my favorite coffee.
I can smell its rich aroma,
I can feel the warm coffee cup in my hands
and I can enjoy the taste of coffee from the mountians of
Costa Rica.

Last Friday,
I spent the day on a coffee break
with Mr. Sweet.

It was a gift.
A day spent together drinking coffee,
sharing a soft pretzel from the local farmers market,
stopping at garage sales along the way
and just being friends.

Today is a gift!

Have a great day!

Join me for coffee here


  1. LOL I thought now you made a coffee-bag-with-coffee-beans-spilling-out cake, but I see it's a real picture. :) That picture of coffee break and holding hands is just awesome! A good example of a picture being worth 1000 words.

  2. It's always good to be reminded that each day is a gift. Thanks.

    That pretzel looks pretty awesome!

  3. If we were meeting for coffee today I would probably grab a bite of that pretzel. I adore those! And why not drink the coffee now? I say go for it!

  4. When i was a kid, my Dad always told me to eat my least favorite foods on my plate FIRST. A smart idea that I later passed on to my own son.

    HOWEVER, when I was 31 years old I was on the phone with my Dad and I told him I was saving my last Fresca in the fridge for later, as I chose something else to drink. My Dad asked me why I would do that... deprive myself of my favorite drink "for later".
    I told him that I always save the best for last, mentioning that I probably carried it over from the dinner plate. ;)

    My Dad laughed and said, "Lora, GO and get that Fresca out of the fridge and DRINK it right now." He went on to explain to me how special i am and that I have every right to have my favorite thing FIRST. :) I took that with me from that day forward. :)

    Today, right before I read this post, my son told me that he wanted to eat the Dot candy from his easter stash but he was "saving it" for when he was through his other candies. I recognized what I've done, and I was able to pass on to him at five what my Dad freed up in me as an adult.

    We can treat ourselves, today IS a gift, and sometimes we should enjoy our favorites first!

    Good for you for recognizing the cause for celebration today, and every day that God gives us! :)

    I love this post.

    OH! I came here for a reason. By the grace of God, SOMEHOW I noticed that you entered the giveaway from last week at a YES place. That giveaway is closed and the winner was announced last Friday. If you would like to enter this week's giveaway please visit this link and leave your comment here:


    Best to you!
    I'm going to get some of my favorite coffee, now. ;)


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