Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Before and After

Today if you were joining me for
coffee we would be meeting at
a local restaurant and I could introduce you
to my amazing friend who would be
joining us as well.

Days like this is when I remember the phrase,
April showers,
bring May flowers,
and I am content to have another cup
of coffee and enjoy the pitter-patter of
the rain and enjoy the company of a friend.

I would also tell you that my bathroom is well on the
way to being transformed with some paint and
hard work.  I think I'm liking it!
And my husband is proud of me
because there were days when he was
having his doubts about my vision.

So many times I have a before and after picture
of a project I am doing.
And hopefully it is an awesome transformation.

So I was thinking about the
before and after
of Jesus in my life.

Before Jesus,

My day is overwhelming and stressful

After spending time with Jesus in
prayer and bible reading.

I can do all things thru Him.

Before the rain and sunshine
no flowers.
After the rain and sunshine,
Beautiful, amazing flowers.

His design in my life and
in His creation is evident every day
if I just stop and spend time
with Him.

I found a new setting on my camera and was
 trying it out on the flowers around my house.

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Enjoy your day,
I'm off to have another cup of
coffee with my friend,
and you can join the rest of the
ladies over at


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