Friday, April 1, 2011


I really enjoy reading a good book
and have alot of books on my
"to read" list.

But rarely did I go to the
library because it was
just too much stress with
little kids pulling books off the
shelf faster than I could
think.  Instead I found lots of
books at garage sales and
Ollie's and thrift stores.

Well somewhere along the
way my kids grew up
and were needing to go to the
library for a report.
A M A Z I N G !!
They loved it!
I loved it!
And I am hooked.
I am now a regular
at the local library.

So of course I was
thinking how I can make sure
we don't lose any of the books
and so I thought a library
bag would be perfect.

So with a budget of $0
I searched the house and
found an old canvas bag
that need a face lift.

I guess at one time
stenciled apples were
nice but they are so last
decade when it
comes to my taste now
thus the "re-do".
After cutting letters out
of freezer paper
I ironed the freezer paper onto
the bag, and then my
daughter painted the letters.
After the paint was dry
I just peeled off the
freezer paper.

And then.....

I    S E W E D!
(For those who don't know me,
my mom is an amazing
seamstress but I don't
sew, until now.)

After sewing the ruffle of scrap
fabric on to the bag,
I did resort back to
my hot glue gun for the ribbon
and flowers.

Total cost ~ $0

Go curl up with a good book,
its that kind of day!

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  1. I love it Rosanne. I have a couple of those old canvas bags in my pile for charity, but I am going to pull them out now and allow each of my guys to make their own library bag. Thank you for the inspiration. Great idea. Thanks for linking up to my party!
    Stephanie at Full of Great ideas.

  2. Rosanne, what a amazing idea. LOVE it :)
    Absolutely perfect for the Library!!

  3. very COOL!!! Much cooler than stenciled apples!
    Congrats on the sewing part! Did you show it to Mom? She will be so proud of you!


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