Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coffee break...

If you were joining me for coffee this morning...
I would have so much to say and you would probably have to
interupt me to get your chance to talk.

First off,  I would tell you that IF
I have updates on my blog any day
then you will know that I have spent at least
10 minutes exercising that day.
Yup, its my new plan,
no exercise - no blogging.

I would also tell you that
my husband and I celebrated
our 16th wedding anniversary
this past weekend.

He brought me flowers and
I made us a little cake,
and then we went out for dinner, Friday night.

And Saturday was a rain out so I got
to stay home all day
and create this.

I would also tell you that our family is moving,
we are moving to a place where the
coffee is plentiful and also the
passion fruit

Our family is moving to
more on that later.

But I really would like to know
how you are, too.
I would ask what is new with you
and what you are looking
forward to.

Are you looking forward to warmer weather
as much as me?
I need warmer weather so
my son can wear shorts
'cause he don't have too many
jeans left that don't have holes in the knees.

These were for Ted's Sunday school class
for his birthday.
People have told me that
Ted loves paper and so paper inspired
cupcakes was Ted's birthday treat.

Be blessed today and may the PEACE
of our risen Savior be your


  1. Wow, you're moving to Costa Rica?! How fun! My hubby and I honeymooned there and LOVED it. Can't wait to hear about your adventures as they unfold!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Love that yarn cake. I'd love to learn more about fondant!

  3. Wow...Costa Rica....can't wait to hear more. Happy Anniversary and I love your blogging equals exercise idea! ♥

  4. your cakes and cupcakes look fantastic, you are so talented! and moving to costa rica..but that;s it for now?! : ) wow, that is exciting and i can't wait to hear more. thanks so much for coffee!

  5. Wow what an exciting post!
    Your idea to blog only if you've exercised is brilliant - I don't think I could do it!
    I absolutely
    the cake... and your bag of yarn creation is stunning! Congratulations on Costa Rica too!
    - Andrea


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