Monday, April 25, 2011

Courage and weeds.

Be brave, I say.

You can do it!

And my children look into my eyes
looking for courage to move,
to trust, to succeed.

Finding strength in a word of encouragement,
a smile, a note or a pat on the back ~ from Mom or Dad,
or a coach, or a teacher, or a friend.

You can do it!

But what about me?
Where is my bravery?

Can I do it?
Where is the courage I long to show to my children?

Some days I lose sight of the
source of my courage.

I get in the way.

But then GOD.

He is I AM - He is my source.

 I have been watching the beauty of the tulip
unfold.  There are weeds growing all around this tulip
but in the midst of the weeds comes this beauty.
Intricately designed by God.

So in my life, with weeds of
doubt, selfishness, resentment and pride,
will beauty come forth?

Yes, by the grace of God and by getting out of the
way of the holy spirit,
beauty will come.

But the weeds must be dealt with in my
flower beds and in my life or
the weeds will choke out the life of beauty.

So today I am dealing with weeds
and praying for courage.

Tell me, do you have weeds in your life?
Do they choke out the beauty sometimes?



  1. Oh the weeds....I long to remember to sprinkle a little weed killer each day...I forget to often that the bible is there ready for me to seek out the right stuff that will eliminate the weeds in my day. So thankful that GOd is always faithful and knows that I am only strong through Him.

    Great post!

  2. I think there are weeds in all our lives. Weeds of doubt, or past experiences of failure, or even people who discourage or speak ugly onto our path... anything the enemy can do to try to block us from the Truth: that we are free and serving a God who is more than capable of giving us all we need to do whatever He calls us to do. :)

    I love how you encourage your children. That's a sure weed killer, right there. :)

    You also have awesome PHOTOS! Such a unique style! it is really beautiful.

    Thank you for linking this to abundant life to share. I hope that this post reaches many so many can be blessed by it.

    Have a great week!
    In Him


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