Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Jessica

The day for Jessica's birthday party had come! 
10 years old!
Her mother planned a fun party
of fondue
and cupcakes!

For me the fun started a day earlier,
when I was baking
and decorating the
GIANT cupcake cake!

Then it was off to the party.
A cupcake party!

After doing a few crafts the girls joined
their moms in the kitchen to
decorate cupcakes.

It was so much fun to watch
them create
beautiful cupcakes!

The birthday girl and her mom!

Lots of girls, lots of giggles
and lots of sugar!

Jessica blowing out her candles,
all 10 of them!

Chocolate cake with buttercream
chocolate cake with fudge filling.

And the masterpiece cupcakes
the girls and their
moms created.

It was a fun day with friends
and we
loved being a part
of Jessica's special day!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Jessica!

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  1. That cupcake cake is absolutely amazing! It's so beautiful it almost looks too pretty to eat! You have an incredible gift.


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