Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coffee break...

If you were joining me for coffee this morning,
I would tell you that I stayed up way to late last night and
long after you finish your cup of coffee
I will still be drinking my second and third cup of coffee.

I would tell you that I am tempted to start a mini
remodel on the bathroom, but from past experiences
I know that when you live in a 100+ year old house,
mini-remodels are just not so mini.  o I will probably just finish up some "mini-projects"
that are waiting on me.
Like some touch-up painting that needs done,
and maybe a kitchen stool that needs a fresh coat of paint.
(Which could actually be a practice painting technique that I
could then try on the "bathroom project.")

One of the things that I love about painting is
the time it gives me to process.
With each stroke of the brush
I am thinking...
sometimes about everyday things like
meals, laundry
and baking.

But other times about the deep issues of the heart.
Trying to find who I really am
when no one is watching.
Being real with myself about my emotions
and my relationships
and my fears
and my dreams.

So here is a word that I am pondering,
What does it mean?
Does it affect how I live my life?

What are your thoughts on "vulnerability?"

I would also tell you that on the menu for tonight
is pumpkin pancakes.
Yup, pancakes for dinner,
its a "tradition" when Dad isn't home
we eat pancakes for dinner.
(not every night)
The recipe...
I don't even have one,.
but I'm confident someone can help me out with a recipe,
or there is always "Google"

The "man of the house" this week...
doesn't like coffee
but he loves life.
He carries the title proudly when Dad is gone,
And when he was 3 and Dad was gone,
 I referred to him as the man of the house,
he informed me that he is NOT a man
NOR a house!

Time for a refill, thanks for stopping by.

May your day be BLESSED



  1. Pumpkin pancakes.....YUM!! I love all things pumpkin~morning, noon + night!

  2. thanks for meeting up for coffee! i LOVE breakfast for dinner with the kids. my hubby: not a fan. so when he's gone, that is a great time to do it. also, i wrote about vulnerability a few weeks ago...it was called "seeing right through me" if you want to read my thoughts on the matter :)

  3. hey there, I am new to virtual coffee and I just wanted to stop in to say hello and have a cup of joe with ya... actually i am having tea right now but also love coffee :) I too stayed up too late last night so I really should be having coffee :) Pumpkin pancakes for dinner sounds amazing! we just had breakfast for dinner Sunday night and to me there is nothing better than breakfast in the evening! enjoy your meal and your day!

  4. We are having pancakes tonight as well. My husband's out usually 4 nights a week and we usually have pancakes and/or eggs at least one of those. I'm planning on trying a new recipe for oatmeal pancakes...I usually use Bisquick.

    When I paint, I'm usually just thinking about finishing it before the kids wake up from their naps...perhaps as they grow I will be more reflective. :-)

  5. yummmm. we should do pancakes for dinner soon!

    vulnerability- so often it's a chance for God to show how big He is.

    thanks for sharing coffee today! nice to meet you :)

  6. thanks for your comment on my thrifting/repurposing post, roseanne :)

    i love this. and i love that you wrote about painting today, how fitting! now you can think about God's transforming love as you paint, too.

  7. we are in the midst of a nightmare bathroom remodel right now..s.o i will not encourage you with that right now! : ) we love breakfast for supper and it is so easy and at least i know my kids like it and will actually eat it. thanks for coffee!


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