Friday, March 4, 2011


 What would I do without my friends?

They have really been there for me in so many ways,
and we have laughed together  and cried together,
and have many memories of fun and crazy times.

So this week I had a chance to have some
girlfriend time.

I went out for lunch with a friend this week that I
am just getting to know better.
It is amazing how 2 hours can go right by over
lunch and you barely got started talking.
We are planning her daughter's 10th birthday party,
its going to be a fun Mom and daughter cupcake party.
Super excited!!
Her kids are amazing and she is a
super cool mom and friend!

And last night while the kids were at Grandma's house
I went out with my high school friend
who is so precious to me and has always been there
for me. Even though we don't see each other often,
We can pick up right where we left off.
She is really an amazing person
beautiful on the inside and out.
And is a teacher, all teachers have my respect,
I could so not do what you do.
You amaze me!

And today I got to spend time with a friend
that is just so amazing.
Loves life and red.
Completely adores her kids but
loves girlfriend time.
She decided this year that she would have a word
for the year.
Her word...
P E A C E.
Great word because in times when we
are unsure or struggling to know what is right,
or what to do or what to say,
peace can still be in our hearts in the midst of chaos.
Knowing Him, the creator of the universe, gives us
peace that passes all understanding.

Loving thrift stores helps me make projects like this for friends.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many people
that love me and are my friends.
Thank you all, knowing you makes the long weeks
of winter go faster.

Have a awesome weekend!


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