Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coffee break...

If you are sitting down and joining me
 for a cup of coffee, it would be a
strong cup of coffee. 
I am so-o tired!

My new favorite mug that Mr. Sweet got for me!
My kids will be home from
school in less than an
 hour and I need this
afternoon coffee break
before they walk in the
door and all talk at once,
telling me about their day.
And asking what they can have for a snack.
My mind usually at that time
goes blank unless I just got
groceries and have something
yummy for them.

What do you serve those hungry little
students when they walk
in the door?
Please tell, I could totally use
some inspiration.

I guess I could make the kids
 one of my new favorite
healthy snacks.
Nutella and marshmallow cream on
bread or crackers.

I would also tell you that I would like
to paint
my bathroom this week
but the prep
work that goes into it
is such a bother.
We shall see.

A young lady that helps me out
with cleaning
occasionally was
going to come and
help me clean windows
today but she got sick and
so my windows will continue to be

I hope your day is blessed with
lots of smiles and laughter,
in your heart!

Coffee break is over  for today, the
next cup will have to be
while I am doing stuff around here
and it will probably need to be
reheated a
couple times.


  1. I am thinking how much I would enjoy sending my kids to school and having a day or a few, to myself!! I don't think I would mind the chatter when they walk in the door!! ;)
    I want to paint Tamara's bedroom, too, and I keep putting it off because I too, dread the prep work!! :P
    Happy Day to you!! :)
    Mmmm....I think my son is brewing coffee! I thought I was imagining the smell from reading your post, but it is truly real!! :) I guess I'll go enjoy a cup, too! :) ~Twila H.

  2. i wish someone would come clean my windows...i don't think i have ever done that at this house....ooops: ) sometimes i try to plan an after-school snack, usually i forget, yesterday i made oatmeal butterscotch cookies and they were so good.sometimes he has popcorn--or apples & peanut butter. thanks for coffee!

  3. I Luv the mug and your hub's new name!

    It's a rainy day today...perfect for prepping that bathroom!

    After school snacks...hummm...I usually say a piece of fruit, or a (pre-packeaged with lotsa preservatives) healthy granola bar. Hot choco w/marshmellows fills em up, but it will soon be too warm outside for that (YAY!!!) A banana split-no ice cream-slice the B long ways, put it on a plate, let them drizzle choco syrup and sprinkles or peanuts on it...

    Have a blessed day!

  4. I heat up some dark chocolate chips in the microwave and serve with cut up apples, pretzels.

    or graham crackers spread with strawberry cream cheese and sliced strawberries.

    another good one is a frozen banana , throw right in food processor with a splash of milk blend for 5 minutes. instant ice cream. add some chocolate sauce and voila!
    we homeschool but I still give them several yummy snacks a day.

    cucumbers , carrots and apple w/ cheese stick and crackers.
    grapes, berries w/ a yogurt dipping sauce.
    whole grain muffins w/ chocolate chips.

    have a great day!


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