Friday, February 11, 2011

Our daughter turns 12...

My favorite cakes to make are sweet girlie ones.
And so when we decided to have a party
to celebrate our daughter on her 12th birthday,
I had so many ideas and so little time.

Like many of my ideas,
the cake does not always turn out just
the way I pictured it.

But when it comes down to making a cake
and planning a party,
and making cupcakes,
and getting food  for the party,
and being a mom,
and doing laundry,
and making meals,
and packing lunches,
and cleaning,
and having two hour school delays
when I was planning on making a cake,

The cake looks like this...

Originally, I thought that a roller skate cake
would be super cute, since her party was
at a roller rink. 
But in the end I went with what was easier

Even though I had baked and decorated over 80 cupcakes and a cake,
We surprised her!!

My dear husband always takes his
daughters out on a date
for their birthday.
(We could probably skip presents, because the highlight of their birthday is their date with Dad.)
So after a nice meal and a quick stop
at the store,
they headed for the surprise.


It didn't take her long to get her skates on
and join her friends on the rink.

Skating with her Dad while
I set up the food table.
It is a family friendly rink with
hardwood floors and so much fun.

After skating awhile we
sang "Happy Birthday" and
had a "snack".

A purse cake with zebra print.

The dessert table!

Happy 12th Birthday, dear Daughter,
We love you!!

For a tutorial for the flower on this cake, go here.


  1. wow! how cute! you do amazing work! my princess dress cake just doesn't compare!

  2. happy birthday i like the cake and cupcakes and the suprise too very nice work mom

  3. That cake is amazing! What a wonderful surprise for your daughter!


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