Sunday, February 6, 2011

A day at Grandma's house.

So they were calling for more
sleet and freezing rain,
so I decided that if
"iced in"
was how it was going to be,
why not be at Grandma's house
when the ice came.

So I mixed up a batch of sugar cookies,
grabbed some
gel food coloring
cookie cutters
decorator bags
a few necessities
and my kiddos
and off we went,
to spend the night with Grandma.

Last week during another
"iced in" day
I made sugar cookies,
and I was sold on everything about them.

The recipes from sweet Pam
over at CookieCrazie
were perfect.
And she had so many helpful
hints on her blog.
But I had a moment of
this could quickly become a
favorite past time,
and having the sweet tooth
that I do...
...well its not the healthiest past time.

After a good nights sleep in my
old childhood bed,
and breakfast with Grandma,
we started the cookie rolling,
icing making, cookie cutting and baking.

Then a little break to watch the birds eating the berries off the tree.

Some stitchching...

and some drawing.

Another cup of coffee it was time to break for lunch.

I guess it would be safe to say we play with our food.

Lunch was taco salad and fresh guacamole...and penguins.

by the time lunch was over the cookies
were baked and cooled and
ready to be decorated.


And another cup of coffee...

My Dad has been a truck driver for most of his life and
although Mom is used to staying home
by herself and is always working on
creating things,
this made the time go much faster and
she just loved time to sit and
be creative with us.

I was amazed at the kids designs and 
how they got better at it 
as they decorated cookie after cookie.

A fun day filled with many smiles!

Cupcakes - what's not to love?

This is a doily that my Grandma made, isn't it beautiful?

My Mom has a collection of cake plates,
and a lovely way to display our cookies. 



  1. What a fun day! Nothing better than a day at Grandma's house! I love the little penguins-what a clever idea. I used to love watching the birds at my parents house too. Oh, and you're kids are very creative! :)

  2. Sweet post, Rosanne. :) I love seeing what you did with the recipes....and even more....I love that you are making memories with your family. My girls and I have lots of those from their growing up days. :)))))))

    Thanks for the link back. You are precious.....

  3. Your cookies almost look too pretty to eat! What a fun, memory-making day.


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