Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee break...

So if you and I were to sit down for coffee today,
I would be drinking a cup of
Costa Rica coffee, that my dear husband brought back from
his travels.  It really is some of the best coffee in the world.

I would tell you how ready I am for summer weather.
But as with other things in our lives,
winter is only for a season.
And summer is coming!

Soon the buds of spring will be around us and the
days will turn longer and spring will turn to summer.

And so the seasons of life may seem long at times,
like the cold, long winter months,
but "spring" is coming,
you will hear it when your heart has little
moments of happiness,
and when you see the impossible
become a possibility.
And when the tears come not because of
deep pain but because of laughter
filling your eyes and giving you hope.

I know this, I have been in a "winter"
that I thought would never end.
But I can see the new life that the "winter"
has brought and I can laugh again.

So when you can't see to read this and
you have tears in your coffee,
know that I have been there,
and I know pain,
and spring is coming!

May your day be blessed with unexpected little bits of
laughter and hope!

Thanks for joining me for coffee,
I'm linking up here for a coffee break.


  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Rosanne! Spring is so close...we're almost there.

  2. oh, you are exactly right. beautifully written! and i wish i was having a cup of your coffee this morning!

  3. Rosanne you won the giveaway on my blog! Please contact me with your address so I can send you your coupon!

    The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

  4. I would love to join you for some of that Costa Rican coffee, Rosanne! In answer to your question about the edamame...I find it in the frozen dept of any of my grocery stores, also Trader Joes. Even Costco carries a big bag of it! Good Luck finding it!

  5. thanks for the encouraging words -- we don't get a harsh winter but always nice to have that reality check!

    visiting from lucky number 31 for coffee! i do tea on tuesdays, stop by and join in sometime!


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