Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tennessee Wedding

When you promise a wedding cake for a friend in another state, 10 hours away, you have a few alot of things to decide.  Would it be better to take all the ingredients and make the cake when we arrive -or- bake the cakes and assemble them in TN?  How well does cake travel?  Will the roses that I spent hours making be in a million pieces till we get there? The list goes on and on but I will not continue to bore you with the details.

I decided that baking the cakes here and taking them unassembled to the reception was my best option and so the only thing I had to worry about is making sure that I had all my supplies along to take ordinary round cakes of 14", 10" and 6" to a beautiful wedding cake.

So off we went to TN and when we were about 3 hrs from our destination, I remembered what I forgot!  Not a big deal but it sure would be missed, my turntable.  Yup, you heard right, a turntable can make a cake decoraters job so much easier. 
After spending 16 hours driving because of icy roads and traffic jams we finally arrived in TN and I got right to work on cakes.  My therapy for sure, and I needed something relaxing after traveling in less than perfect conditions!

Decorating cakes is what I enjoy doing and making Becca and Benton's cake was so fun!  The roses survived the trip and the cake too, thanks to my man and my assistant cake artist.

After the cake reception at the church we headed over to a beautiful decorated lodge for the reception and celebration!  A fun night for our family!

Dancing with Dad!


  1. Rosanne,

    Your family picture is beautiful! You all look great! I can't believe I just found your blog!

  2. Beautiful cake!! I'm so glad that it made it w/out any troubles. Can't wait to see more that you create!



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