Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 - what a year it has been! 

Every year of my life holds some uncharted territories, something different, new and exciting or just plain scary.  A roller coaster ride at times and a beautiful, peaceful sunset other days.

But among the excitement and change and good times and bad, there is some things that are a constant every year and every day. The first one being God's faithfulness!  He is a constant!  Always there for me, He always got my back and He is there when I think I can do it on my own and fail. I never look into His eyes and see condemnation but only love and acceptance.

 He splashes beautiful sunsets across the sky year after year and with the beauty of the sunset He shows me His colors of love for me and His creativity.  He is bigger than me and as I trust Him he does not disappoint.

He also knows what next year holds for me and so I can rest in His arms as once again I face a year of unknowns and questions.  Some stretching is sure to happen in the new year.  Growing pains too!  God's faithfulness thru those times?  100% absolute!

He is my rock, He is my strength, He is my everything!  And I am HIS PRECIOUS DAUGHTER!  I am blessed!

Another thing that hasn't changed is that my favorite season is still SUMMER!


  1. You left such a sweet comment on my blog that I had to hop over here and say thank you!!!!!!

    Happy New Year : )


  2. So grateful for God's faithfulness - Happy New Year!!


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