Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Its a known fact that I have a SWEET tooth, imagine having a sweet tooth and making cakes, well you might say that I have found my niche.  What more could a girl with a sweet tooth want than to create what makes her smile.  (It makes my dentist smile too!  All those college loans are being paid off by those of us that love sweets.)

But not all of my sweet tooth cravings are edible and so every once in awhile I will share some sweets that are non-edible.  A little about who I am and what I love. 

One thing that says SWEET TREAT to me is cupcake wrappers. 
Not only can I envision the little beauties filled with yummy cake and decorated for another party, but there is something about those little paper cups that just make me want to buy a pack.  So as we browsed through all the clearance Christmas stuff yesterday, I was immediately drawn to the baking supplies.  In a short time I had 3 packs of cupcake papers, which contained more than 100 paper cups.  But instead of Wilton, they had my name all over them!

When cupcake papers are on clearance they are often cheaper than the plain, pastel ones that you can find at the grocery store and so my theory is that if you have enough of the clearance ones on hand your cupcakes will always be looking just lovely in their little stylish "coat."
Have a SWEET day!


  1. So cute! Those bright colors make me smile:)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment. I LOVE cupcake wrappers as well. They make the cupcake so much happier :)

  3. What colorful photos those cupcake papers make. I love your header photos too! Thanks for linking up.


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