Monday, August 22, 2011


Living in the city has been
an adjustment but it is going
well.  We do miss campfires
and smores.

So I decided to make
indoor smores.

Although there are a lot of recipes
I just made them
with what ingredients I had.

The bottom layer is
graham cracker crumbs,
butter and sugar.

Then I mixed up a batch
of box brownies
and spread it over the
graham cracker crust.
And baked it.

After they baked and
cooled 10 min.
I added the mini marshmellows
and broiled them till brown.

These bars were a mess
to cut and I think I
will make them in
muffin tins the next time
so I don't have to cut them.

They were yummy,
especially when they were
warm and gooey.
Indoor smores.
A little taste of home!

Have a great Monday!

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