Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coffee Break

If you were joining me for coffee today
we would be drinking some of the best
coffee in the world!

We would also be enjoying it in my
new "home"
with the mountians of Costa Rica surrounding

We are adjusting to life in Costa Rica and
are finding things to do like
walking to the mall and
walking to the grocery store and
walking to the park and
walking to our friend's house and...
...you get the idea.

Unless we take a taxi or the bus
we are walking because we have no car.

We have also been trying new fruits
even if we don't know the name of the
fruit.  Mostly they are sweet and yummy.

We have a couple weeks
until school starts and so in
our free time we are trying to bake some
brownies and cookies
so we will have them for lunches in a couple
weeks.  But it seems my family is eating
them as fast as I can make them.

My cheery kitchen.
So if you were joining me for
the best coffee ever
what would you tell me?
What are you adjusting to?

Can you believe school will soon be starting?
The hardest part is believing that I
will be sitting in school every day
and learning a new language.

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  1. oh wow,. that is exciting! hope you all are adjusting well...i guess you will be getting lots of exercise with no car , huh? : ) yes, school is coming soon for us..trying to enjoy the last of summer!

  2. I love your new kitchen...what an exciting adventure♥


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