Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Sitting here just soaking up the sun as it splashes across my table
and thinking...
...thinking about how busy life is.
Sometimes it is crazy just getting
the day started.  When my little people
(who happen to not be so little anymore)
oversleep because time change means it is still dark outside
when they need to be getting out of bed.
Sometimes it is all the fun things that
make us busy, lunch with a friend, baking,
hosting a brunch, bargin shopping, waiting for spring and
having another coffee.
And then there are the list of things just waiting
for us to take the time to do.
Some important things and some not so important.
Like cleaning the basement...
...I could argue that its not important since its
not really a "living space"
but then if I trip one more time over a box that was
just set down there to get it out of the way, and I find
myself face to face with the concrete floor...yup, I'm going to go with
And now do I paint it and make it more inviting since
it is important that I go down there to do laundry.
Nope, not important - but fun!
Basement cleaning/organizing facts:
I'm 64 cents richer - so I can conclude it is not the
best paying job.
Somewhere out there, there are 8 gloves without a match
because that is the number I threw away.
I now should have a garage sale with all the
things that I no longer need in my basement.
Spiders take their web making
very seriourly!
Anyway, in all the busyness of life,
I find moments to just rest,
and in those moments I know that
the busyness around me cannot steal
the PEACE in my heart.

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