Monday, January 10, 2011

Eighty-five ~4~ Five Hundred

With the snowflakes falling we headed off to the fair with a chocolate cake for judging.
My dear husband dropped me and my daughters off at the door with my cake in hand.
after finding where we needed to take the cake
we headed off in that direction and "signed-in" my cake.
Much to my surprise I got a goodie bag just for entering in the State Fair,
I was so excited.
An unexpected gift - what a treat!

An apron, Hershey's cocoa,
chocolate chips,
a spatula,
and measuring spoons!

After entering the cake we had some time till the judging so off we went to watch the Rodeo.
So fun for us to take our kids to something that was
a highlight to us when we were growing up.

Time for the judging:

There were five judges and they each judged 17 cakes and picked their top two favorite cakes.
Judge #3 was the one that judged my cake.

With each judge picking their top two cakes,
they then announced those cakes as the top 10 cakes.

This is where the competition ended for 75 people who did not make it to the top 10.
At this point the competition was over for me.
The top 10 then were judged on appearance and presentation.
And wow, some of them cakes were decadent looking.

By this time my family was ready to go see some of the other sites and so we did.
We came back just as they were getting some final pictures of the winners
and I quick snapped this one.
The winner received a check for $500.00

I learned so much!
And what a fun experience it was for me.
Out of 85 cakes
only one got the $500,
but we were all winners to be there with our chocolate cakes.


  1. Oh wow, I love the flower! What's the white? Fondant? I absolutely love the last line of this post!

  2. Wow! That looked fun but a mite bit stressful, too!! Congratulations on entering and your cake looks AMAZING! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's really funny that I posted about the Harrisburg Farm Show and you actually entered! Small world! :)


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