Sunday, November 14, 2010

Every cake has its story...

This cake I made for my sister's 3o-something birthday. Its not that she doesn't want me to post her age, its just that I have a hard time even remembering how old I am and so trying to figure out her age just didn't happen - after all its just a number!!!

The inspiration for this design came from an unlikely place - a pillow on the set of a talk show. I know, its kind of weird but it is amazing how many things around you can inspire you if you are looking and sometimes when you are not looking. And you know I said I have trouble remembering, still true for this. I needed to hit pulse and draw the picture for later use.

And my sister who received this cake was worth the time it took to draw it and then make a cake out of it. Happy Birthday to you my sister, my friend!

A new design and a new recipe. Carmel Pistachio Cardamon cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant.
And the story on this cake is a bit painful! So my daughter had a volleyball team party and this was what I made for the party. So after I had set the cake down (thankfully) and entered the gym where there were lots of volleyballs flying around, a volleyball that was hit with quite a bit of force , somehow found my face and my glasses just so happened to be in between my face and the ball. Gravity then took over and the ball and my glasses which were in a few pieces fell to the ground and I saw stars or maybe more like black dots!! I am fine but in a bit of pain and I can't decide if the dark circles under my eyes are from the impact or if I just need more sleep!!

It wasn't until the next morning that I remembered the part of the design that I totally forgot to put on the cake, the volleyball net. Chocolate cake with peanut butter cup filling and fondant.
This cake was for a sweet sixteen birthday girl's surprise party. So like most sixteen year old girls who think they couldn't surprise her, she was sadly mistaken. They surprised her real good and the cake was a big hit. Happy 16th Birthday, Katie!!
Vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream and fondant.

This is a birthday cake for my sis-in-law and as I was deciding what kind of cake she would enjoy, I posted on my FB status "What is your favorite cake?" I got a response from her as well as many others and then I remembered that I could use her comment for her cake. She was hungry for a Red Velvet cake and so that is what she got!! Happy Birthday, dear friend!

Just one not about this post. If for some reason it doesn't make sense or something is spelled wrong, it has to do with the fact that I don't have glasses and I have a permanent headache till I get some. =)


  1. Beautiful cakes! So sorry about the smash in the face though. That's no fun.

  2. Thanks for sharing your cakes with us. They are really great. You have a great eye for beauty. I will save this an enjoy looking at them and the ones to come=) Jennifer Matin

  3. wow. do you watch the cake boss on tv?! you could take him on with your fondant skills :)


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